Apple will be launching subscription packs with new iPhones this October

Bundles will include news, music, television, and a new fitness service.

Apple plans to release a number of subscription packs alongside its new iPhones this October, according to Bloomberg. Internally, the packages are referred to as “Apple One,” but this is not actually the name by which they will be launched.

Apple Music

A variety of different packages will be available, starting with the standard combination of Apple Music and Apple TV+, while more expensive bundles will add Apple Arcade, then Apple News+ to the next tier, and then iCloud storage to the tier above.

Higher-end packs will also include an as-yet-undisclosed wellness subscription plan from Apple. It will include interactive classes and workouts that can be accessed via the iOS app and Apple TV, similar to Nike and Peloton services.

Bloomberg reports that the packages will be marketed to families and that they will operate with Apple ‘s Family Sharing program, which means that up to six individuals will use each package. As you would expect for subscription packs, purchasing them would be cheaper than buying individual services. “For example, if a family currently subscribes to all of Apple’s major services plus the highest level of iCloud storage, it would cost around $45 a month. A new package will take more than $5 off that.

Apple One subscription bundle

Bloomberg says that, in addition to these packages, Apple plans to start selling new software and hardware combinations, including the free year of Apple Arcade with the purchase of an Apple TV streaming unit. Furthermore, according to Bloomberg, Apple doesn’t plan to offer any monthly payment plans for iPhones or Macs with such packages immediately, an opportunity that Apple CEO Tim Cook has pointed to in the past.

The pricing or exact configuration of each package is not yet clear, and it is very likely that these specifics will change before the packages are released later this year.

There have been rumors of Apple’s intention to sell subscription packs since at least 2018, but now they seem to be even more specific. Only last month, code was discovered in iOS 13.5.5, which referred to both the “package bid” and the “package subscription,” and in 2019 the company experimented with a student bundle, combining Apple Music and Apple TV+ together.

iOS 13.5.5

In recent years, Apple has increasingly focused on recurring revenues from its services sector, especially from smartphone plateau sales. However, as Amazon has demonstrated with Amazon Prime, which incorporates quicker shipping times with streaming music and video, subscriptions will generate daily revenue while locking consumers into the company’s ecosystem. Once you have ordered Prime, it makes sense to buy more from Amazon. Apple ‘s subscription packages may do the same with their software and equipment.



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