Previously, if you have more than one gaming console you have to buy multiple gaming headsets, but this latest wireless gaming headset by Astro can solve this problem for you. Astro’s latest wireless gaming headset A20 Gen 2, is upgraded version of its 2017 model. This latest gaming headset is available for pre-order now for $119.99 from ASTRO Gaming and will ship in October. Its price is considerably down from the previous-generation A20 which was priced at $149. Along with the price cut, Astro says it has increased the wireless range to 50 feet from 30 feet, and this new headset charges via a convenient USB-C port.

Pic Credit: AstroGaming

Features of Astro’s A20 Gen 2 wireless gaming Headset

  • Comfort and Quality – This headset is engineered for marathon gaming sessions, ASTRO A20 Gen 2 is comfortable, durable, lightweight and easily adjustable.
  • Audio – It is designed to produce detailed, true-to-life game audio, ASTRO’s new Audio V2 provides a natural, smooth sound. And is tuned for Gaming to deliver non-fatiguing highs, clear mids, and distortion-free bass.
  • Wireless Range –  ASTRO A20 features 2.4GHz technology that provides secure wireless connectivity and 50 ft of wireless range.
  • Battery Life –  It offers more than 15+ hours of battery life. Plus you can charge it using the included USB-C to USB-A cable.
  • Flip to Mute Mic – It’s a highly precise boom mic that offers Flip to Mute functionality which mutes voice output.
  • Colour Mixes – The A20 Gen 2 headset will come in two different colour mixes: blue, white, and black for a PlayStation or green, white, and black for an Xbox type look. 

Each headset includes a USB Type-A wireless adapter which makes it easy to connect to the console their colour mix corresponds to as well as a PC. Also, each headset can work with the other console e.g. green headset can work with the PS5 and vice versa. But this will happen only if you purchase an additional USB Type-A wireless adapter of around $20 from Astro’s site.


Will your old headset work with PS5 OR XBOX Series X?

Along with announcing the A20 Gen 2 wireless gaming headset, Astro shares its plan for supporting its older headsets. If your Astro headset uses a 3.5mm plug to connect with any audio source, you’re good to go. Your old headsets can work with PS5 and XSX as both XSX and PS5 controllers feature a headphone jack.

Now if you have a wireless Astro headset ready for an Xbox One, then you can upgrade your headset’s firmware through Astro’s Command Center PC software once XSX launches. If your headset connects to the console via optical audio (which is the majority of Astro Gaming Headsets), you’ll be able to connect the base station to the XSX’s USB port to get the same features with no optical audio needed.

Now to bring your PS4-ready Astro wireless headset to the PS5 can get a little complicated. As Sony’s next-gen console doesn’t have an optical audio port. And to solve this Astro is releasing a new HDMI-to-optical audio splitter which will allow your old headset to interface with the PS5 with no additional firmware. 

ASTRO’s new HDMI-to-optical audio splitter

This HDMI-to-optical audio splitter supports HDMI 2.1, HDCP, and 4K passthrough. Astro also says it won’t introduce any input lag or affect the PS5’s ability to put out a 4K 120Hz gaming experience. Because it’s a Dolby-compliant product, and the sound shouldn’t be worse off, either.

This new splitter will also release in October for $39.99, which is honestly not a high price for a product that will offer lossless quality with your next-gen console. And also, if you are already a registered Astro user or own an Astro headset, you can receive a $15 discount on this new splitter by entering your serial number on its site.



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