Wireless Charging added by Hardware Hacker to Over-Ear Headset

Wireless Charging of Over-ear headphone

While TWS earbuds with smaller form factors, such as the second-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro devices, support wireless charging, larger over-ear headphones gaming often do not. Even the $550 AirPods Max doesn’t have a wireless charging option.

Taylor Burley found it inconvenient to plug in his over-ear Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset every time he needed to charge it after purchasing one. Burley integrated wireless charging functionality to his headphones based on his own needs.

Easy to Do by Yourself

The YouTuber recently posted a video on his experience with adding wireless charging functionality to his headset. The project isn’t confined to his Turtle headphones, which is the coolest part. If you follow the procedures in Burley’s video and have the requisite skill, you can add wireless charging capabilities to your over-ear headphone as well.

Wireless Charging added by Hardware Hacker to Over-Ear Headset

How did he do it?

As reported and spotted by Beebom, to enable wireless charging functionality, the hardware hacker used a local over-the-counter wireless charging transmitter and receiver pair. To attach the transmitter, he 3D printed a bespoke mount on which he can hang the headphones. The receiver was simply attached to the top of the headset by Burley. He then covered the receiver with a 3D-printed plate, though if you don’t have a 3D printer, you may use electrical tape instead.

Taylor routed a cable attached to the charging coil down the side of his headset and into one of its earcups after positioning the components in their proper placements. He then attached the wire ends to the headsets’ printed circuit board’s 5-volt charging nodes (PCB).

No USB needed

As a result, Burley no longer needs to charge his Turtle Recon 200 headset using a USB connection. He simply places the headphones on his custom-made bracket, and they begin charging wirelessly right away. One can check the video below.


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