Attack on Titan Requiem Fan Manga Getting An Anime Adaptation

Attack on Titan is a saga like no other. Author Hajime Isayama forged the manga with full potential and glory for straight 10 years but the ending as we all know couldn’t please everyone in the room. It ended on the 139th chapter on April 9th this year. However, it is still an ongoing saga with the final season yet to air (next year) and an updated version of manga’s ending chapter to hit the shelves.

Moreover, the huge fan community brought to us Attack on Titan Requiem, which tries to recreate the final moments according to the masses. The first chapter is now available on the Attack on Titan Requiem website. To no one’s surprise, there are various other alternate endings to it as well which many fans find able to be on the same page with.

The creators of the Requiem backed their version of Eren’s fate, “With the best of our abilities, we strive to give the series a more satisfying ending that pays homage to the important themes and deep message of the original story.”

They continued, “A conclusion that respects the established characterization and character development of each character based directly from the author’s past interviews and major turning points in the manga while maintaining the DARK and TRAGIC tone that distinguish ATTACK ON TITAN from other shonen mangas.”

Anime Senpai has posted on its Twitter account regarding the fan-made version and suggests that Eren will be taking upon a different step towards his followers, ‘The Jaegerists’. A definitive ending to the 10-year saga involves a more satisfying ending to Survey corps. The definition of ‘heroes becoming anti-heroes and vice versa’ might change.

This fan-made version is set to get an anime adaptation adding to Isayama’s directorial cut to the controversial final chapters. Though, many of us want a sequel but, there has been no confirmation from the creators’ side. Feel free to share your thoughts on this whole process in the comment section below.


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