Astronomer warns A Dark Energy Explosion can Destroy Our Entire Galaxy

There are many terrifying destructive forces present in this universe. Black holes are one of them. Black holes are that part of space where gravity pull is so much that even light can not get out of it. Such gravity is because the matter has been compressed into tiny space. The concepts of creation and destruction here are not that easy. Interestingly, what happens if Black holes will lead to the creation of something really as big as new universe.

As per a new study recently shared on a preprint server, a group of scientists stated that Black holes not only bend space and time into a singularity of extremely high density but also triggered the constant change between inside the black hole and the beginning of the new universe. It means that they may actually burrow into a kind of multidimensional object called a brane and may lead to the birth of an entirely new universe with another massive Big Bang explosion.

This idea depends on string theory, a group of ideas whose aim is to unite all forces in nature. But, only the idea alone enlightened the intriguing mystery that the unknown internal happenings of black holes are present in front of us. By leaving a magical spacecraft that can take us through a black hole’s event horizon (without any harm to our life). We can still try an approach to this problem using mathematics.

‘Patching’ a Black Hole peculiarity into a Big Bang

Black Holes might lead to The Birth of New Universes, Predicts Scientists

There are Einstein’s vacuum field equations for gravity which direct us to singularity, where the fabric of space-time remains away from the plane. In the case of the Black Hole, this curvature expanded far beyond as compared to our expectations in a normal gravitational field that surrounds stars and planets. It is that part of the universe where the laws of classical physics from Newton’s time start breaking down. As per the study, this breakdown of classical physics laws also happens within the Bing Bang condition, when the universe is in progress.

Hundred years later, quantum physicists hoped to find a method to unified Einstein’s theory of gravity into a quantum schema. But the attempts to integrate all physical theories under quantum physics also have to give account for peculiarities like black holes and big bangs. Researchers in their study said that “they proposed a way to resolve black holes and cosmological singularities one by one by adding the effective field and theory description of space, time, and matter.”

Researchers stated, “This object is S-Brane that is a relativistic object which occupies the co-dimension one space-like hypersurface of space-time and carries positive tensions but erases the energy density”. They further said that “This object breaks the normal energy conditions and thus allows a resolution of space-time singularities.”

By taking help from two mathematical representations of the big bang and black holes one of which is Penrose diagrams of expanding cosmology, and the other is Penrose diagram of the Schwarzchild black hole, the researchers tried to fetch the “wavy” singularity of both diagrams together and like a patch. If this becomes possible, they would be able to make a theoretical description of a black hole, whose complexity may lead to a new universe.

String theory may provide information that happens beyond a Black Hole’s event horizon

Black Holes might lead to The Birth of New Universes, Predicts Scientists

Clearly, this is not the first time when a scientist stated that a black hole might birth a new universe beyond its event horizon as many of these depend on Einstein’s General Relativity to fetch two Penrose models of the big bang and black holes together. Researchers support superstring theory in an attempt to bypass this, which hints about the possibility of a unified theory of all forces that exist in nature and may do the work that General Relativity and quantum physics are not able to do yet.

In string theory, instead of viewing particles in space, the universe as extended objects is viewed, as strings existed in ten space-time dimensions, we live in three and experience the fourth: time. Brane is a multidimensional object that shows up in the math of string theory. When scientists are in search of new methods to describe branes, they often move to new findings in string theory.

The specific type of multidimensional object called an S-Brane proposed in the study comes into an entity within the horizon of a black hole. That may serve as a way of change between them and the boom of a new universe. The study includes “The solution of the singularities of both the Black holes and Big Bang provided simultaneously provided by this”.

All theories have to be considered to promote the scientific study of the cosmos. Still, we are blank about what happens inside black holes, but string theory provides us a specific perspective of what is happening beyond the event horizon. Obviously, very much high order mathematics is required to fully understand the complexities of the study by researchers, which has yet to receive peer review. This does not mean that black holes are the reasons for the formation of young universes, out of the destruction and collapse of stars that are happening in our universe.



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