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Black holes are one of the most interesting phenomena in the solar system. The so-called disposal systems of space trash are dead massive stars. When the energy of a huge star gets exhausted and all its internal thermonuclear fuels end, its massive gravity starts pulling everything towards its core which is the centre of its gravity. Eventually, the star that was once huge and bright starts shrinking into a small ball with infinite gravity, called the singlet.

The black hole pulls everything towards its core including light. Because of its immense gravity, everything in hundreds of light-years gets pulled towards it. Even the light that is far away from the core gets bent around it in a circle. This outline is visible and is called the event horizon. It is a well-known fact that inside a black hole time and space interchange. According to Sir Albert Einstein’s theory, the flow of time drags objects into the singlet of the black hole. No force can counter this pull as time can not be stopped. 

Black Hole

Get Ready: The Journey Begins

You are on a suicide space mission to explore the black hole. At a particular distance from the black hole, you and your team stop the spacecraft. You say one final goodbye to your family and friends on Earth through the communication system and to your crewmates on the spacecraft and a few minutes later you are ejected into space.

The only thing with you is the communication device on the wrist of your spacesuit. Your journey begins. You are rotating in space and going towards the black hole. Slowly and slowly you start going faster and faster. You see the event horizon of the black hole is constantly increasing in size. You look around and see the stars and the universe are diffracting and bending as the gravity of the black hole bends space-time more and more. 

Falling into black hole

As you move further into the black hole what you see around you is not the three-dimensional infinite universe but the insides of a cylinder. Eventually, time and space swap, and space become unidimensional while time becomes multidimensional. All this while gravity has been increasing and you start feeling suffocated and heavy. You try to look back to see if there is any hope of you getting out of here alive. Maybe your crewmates are there to help you. But somewhere you know there is no hope. What you see behind you is the view of a camera lens.

You now get a feeling that you are sandwiched between two sheets, one completely black and the other that looks like a portrait of the universe. Blackness is growing around you constantly. The universe that was everywhere around a few moments ago now looks like a small circle that is glittering and getting smaller at a very high rate.

You try to talk through your communication device but it has stopped working long back in space. Soon there is only blackness. As you think of all the great times that you spent on Earth you feel like you are stretching. The immense gravity of the black hole is now turning your body into unidimensional. You keep on stretching and stretching until you start disintegrating and eventually vanish into blackness. You are now only theoretical.

What would your crewmates be seeing as they look at you falling into the Black Hole?

Black Hole Astronaut

As you fall into the infinite black hole your crewmates are sobbing and the only thing they can do is watch. They are constantly trying to monitor your condition by watching you through an onboard telescopic visual recording device and monitoring the information that your suite records with various devices in it and sends back to them. But as you go farther the connections are lost and the only thing they watch is you becoming smaller and smaller. Then your speed that was earlier increasing with time now starts to slow down. This is because space and time are contouring inside the black hole.

Eventually, you keep slowing down and then they see you stop. This is because at this point time and space have swapped and now you are not moving in space but in time. Though to them, it looks like you have stopped moving and eventually they realize that you won’t move again. Then you vanish as your body stretches and disintegrates. They are left with no option but to report your death and leave for Earth.


The journey that we have just been on was thrilling though it can never be a human experience. No one would ever like to be on such a journey and even if someone is crazy enough to be willing to go on his last trip into the black hole, he won’t return to share his experience. It is only possible for us to simulate this journey. Even though one will never return but still this journey would be quite exciting. Seeing the entire infinite universe turn into a dot would be an experience of a lifetime. While also being your last experience. 



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