Alien harvesting energy from Black Holes

Black holes are very mysterious figures. We don’t even know how many black holes are in our galaxy they are very hard to find but there is one confirmed Black hole in galaxies in the center of it our milky way also has this supermassive black hole called Sagittarius A. They form when a big star dies. Their gravitational pull is so high that not even light can escape it. There are types of black holes the ones which are static and the ones which are spinning. Spinning ones are quite helpful we will come back to that later.

Black holes are also a good source of energy. The radiation they emit can be harnessed and used as an energy source. Advanced civilization will use black holes as energy sources. Some intelligent alien beings may be already using black holes as energy sources so that’s why scientists are looking for events that can suggest that someone is harnessing the energy of black holes. Now coming to the spinning Black holes. Spinning Black holes can be used to give space shuttles a boost by utilizing the Penrose method and ergosphere.


The ergosphere is the part of a black hole where all the light rays are rotating in a counter direction to the rotation of the black hole but this whole thing feels at the same angular coordinates to an outside observer.

Ergosphere Black Holes

We can also build a sphere of mirrors around the black hole to collect its energy to use this method all we have to do is just fire an electromagnetic beam inside and it will work itself out and then we can open a new window in that sphere to get energy out it will raining energy through that window for us to use it the energy we can get this way to power is unimaginable for today’s people.

The way this method works is that when we fire that beam inside of the black hole some of it might get eaten by the black hole but some of it will remain and will keep growing by sucking the energy out of the ergosphere and all the plasma that is spinning around the black hole. If we can build something like this right now then we won’t have to worry about energy for a time that only we can think of.

If we somehow manage to survive this climate change and all the pandemics and all the different kind of wars that will come in our way then it’s very possible and will happen that one day we leave our cradle earth and go out looking for a new home that day will come soon too we just have to wait and don’t go extinct while we wait for it.

It’s very possible if once we manage to survive after we leave our cradle then we can survive anything yes exceptions are there like aliens terminating us for stopping by at their home planet and someone going rouge and blowing the whole of humanity you never know what’s gonna come next so that’s why be nice to people you never know what can happen next.

How can black holes help in creating civilizations outside the earth?

We all know that universe will die one day all the state will disappear and all red dwarfs will die too then the only thing that will be left out in the universe will be black holes eating others out, and continuously moving and emitting Hawking radiation then will be the only thing from which we get energy out if we didn’t store the energy but as they eat out that plasma gas orbiting them then it’s gonna be hard to get energy out of them then we will have to completely rely on radiation emitted by them and the amount of energy they can only be able to power a little bulb.

So you can imagine the role of black holes in our life but when we will be that much advanced that we are the generation of dying universe then I don’t think we will be human any more once we master the ability neural network and able to exchange the information between the human brain and machine then that will be the moment we will become immoral and this is not very far in the future.

The universe is like 14 billion years old then you can guess how many habitable planets and life forms can be out there even if they are rare they may be out there doing wonders and that’s why scientists are now looking for all events near black holes that can suggest any sign of advanced civilization.


  1. […] Black holes create jets that suck out material from neighboring gas clouds or stars before slinging them back into space in the form of hot plasma moving closer to the speed of light. If gas clouds come in contact with the jet and have the right temperature then they become ideal nurseries to give birth to new stars. Reaching the Goldilocks zone is important as if the jets get too much temperature they lose their capability to cool down in-state necessary for star formation. As per NASA, more gentle and less big outflow from the black hole in the case of Henize 2-10 makes gas conditions perfect so that stars can take birth there. […]


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