OREO starts offering cookies for Aliens ahead of UFO report reveal this month

Last year, when the pandemic completely changed people’s lifestyles, many people joked that if an alien invasion occurs, it will only get worse in 2021. Although this is unlikely to happen, this year has seen an unexpected turn – more and more reports about UFOs, an unclassified report on government plans, and Oreo preparing cookies for aliens.

In December of last year, former President Donald Trump signed a government spending and COVID-19 relief bill, which included an unexpected addition, he gave government intelligence agencies 180 days to compile a non-confidential report on his knowledge of UFOs (called by the government as an unidentified aerial phenomenon/UAP). Assuming there is no delay in the request, the report will be due at the end of the month.

Although this is surprising enough, there have been more and more reports of UFOs and their frequent occurrences in the past few months. In recent weeks, 60-minute clips on the subject, interviews with former senior officials, etc. have sparked interest in this subject. 

President Obama even weighed this issue, saying that UAP is one thing, and the government doesn’t know what they are or how they work. Given the surge in interest and the fast-approaching deadlines, it may not be surprising that some companies have fun.

Oreo’s latest ad campaign involves cookie products made for aliens, assuming aliens exist, plan to show up, and have the ability to enjoy junk food. Oreo even has changed their Twitter header photo with a crop circle having ‘Oreo’ written in the center, you can read all the wired and funny tweets made by Oreo here.

OREO crop circle - OREO starts offering cookies for Aliens ahead of UFO report reveal this month

Now talking about the special “OREO Offering” for aliens, it is a limited edition packaging that has a trippy outer space, alien design, and has a line on the top that reads “The OREO Offering”. The special package was available for the public with $3 shipping and handling charges. Originally OREO planned to distribute the packages from June 3rd to June 10th, but due to its high craze, all the boxes were claimed since they were revealed to the public earlier today.

Other than Oreo, Dr. Pepper also lashed out at the Pentagon before the report was published. Even the popular game Fortnite is gearing up to launch a full-scale alien-themed season.


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