Initial Glimpse of Pentagon's UFO Report: Difficult to Explain says Ex Intelligence Director - Craffic

A UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is an aerial phenomenon that cannot be identified easily. This term is also used to refer to claims of alien Spacecraft. On 20 March 2021, Fox News journalist Maria Bartiromo interviewed former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and he opens about UFO.

John Ratcliffe is an American Politician and served as a Director of Intelligence from 2020-2021 at the Donald Trump end of an era. He also served as the representative of Texa’s 4th district from 2015-2020.

UFO Report Release

Pentagon’s UFO report will be published in early June following the clause of Covid relief and this package is signed by Donald Trump before he left the office.

John Ratcliffe said in an interview that he wants to publish this report before he left the office but due to the unclassified format, they could not talk about it. This report will be published by the Defense Department and Intelligence Agencies.

What John Ratcliffe said in the Interview?

When Maria asks about UFO John Ratcliffe said that actually he wants to personally release this news but he couldn’t. But no worries it will be released soon.

He also gives some information about the report i.e, that there are more than aerial phenomenon encountered which have been not made public. These encounters are sensed through sensors, navy, or air force pilots, some are picked by satellite imagery around the world. 

He mentioned that these occurrences of objects are difficult to explain as they don’t have the technology to replicate the movements as they are very hard or we can say these objects traveling speed exceeds the sound barrier (more than 36 kilometers per second or 22 miles per second) with a sonic boom.

He said that they always try to give a reasonable explanation about but we fail to give as they are difficult to understand and analyst try to explain this event by weather disturbance or any other routine spectacle.

At last, he said the things they are observing around the world are difficult to explain so they are gathering information so they can put in front of the American peoples and this report will be used when in future these occurrences occur.

So we can conclude from this interview that we will get to know more spacecraft or UFO occurrences that we are not aware of. And as many scientists believe that life does exist beyond Earth, reports from Pentagon in June can also tell us about plenty of aliens out there or dropped on our planet in unexpected ways. Well, only time will tell us how it’s going to be.

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  1. […] In December of last year, former President Donald Trump signed a government spending and COVID-19 relief bill, which included an unexpected addition, he gave government intelligence agencies 180 days to compile a non-confidential report on his knowledge of UFOs (called by the government as an unidentified aerial phenomenon/UAP). Assuming there is no delay in the request, the report will be due at the end of the month. […]

  2. […] A UFO report which scheduled to be present to Congress on June 25. U.S intelligence officials who are working for this report claiming that there are no shreds of evidence that UFOs are Alien’s spacecraft from glimpses of UFOs encountered by Navy Pilots in past years. Even those spacecraft that perform aerodynamics feats that are impossible to perform by human spacecraft have no evidence that they are from extraterrestrial. […]


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