Are we not alone? Pentagon confirms the authenticity of another UFO video

After a day, the Pentagon confirms the originality of yet another video showing mysterious objects that are flying and thus seems to be a UFO. The Pentagon said that the video showing a mysterious spherical flying object is true and is under investigation.

Authentic video showing mysterious spherical object claimed as a UFO

Yesterday morning, Jeremy Corbell, a filmmaker, came up with a video that shows an unidentified flying object claimed to be a UFO. He also conveyed that the video was shot by members of the United States Navy from the CIC (combat information center) of the USS Omaha somewhere off the warning area of San Diego. The short clip shared by him is a part of another big video that shows the craft sinking into the sea. But interestingly the Navy did not get any signs of debris of the craft underwater or they might hide something.

A few hours after Friday morning, the Pentagon protagonist not only confirmed the authenticity of that video but also mentioned that the alleged video is a part of an ongoing examination by the NAVY’s UAP (unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) task force. Susan Gough further said in a statement obtained by The Debrief, “I can confirm that video was shot by Navy personnel and UAPTF included it in their current ongoing examinations”.

It has been found that the site then reportedly suppresses Gough for explaining the classification of the craft in the video, but Gough wouldn’t clarify it further.

Here is the post by Jeremy Corbell showing the video with a spherical-shaped UFO.

As per his post, the mysterious flying object that claimed to be a UFO was around six feet in diameter and flew for a period of an hour in total. Reportedly the Navy was not able to tell about the place from where that craft launched, and despite a search from a submarine for debris of that craft, it was never recovered. Corbell further said that they do not know why the Navy or Pentagon does not want to talk about the USS Omaha incident, but they are very much confident that this incident is surely a mystery and look forward to whatever information might be forthcoming.

This is not the first time that such mysterious objects claimed as UFOs noticed in this area. On 9 April 2021, Jeremy Cornell posted a short clip on YouTube that was a part of an actual video filmed by the US Navy in 2019. The video shows a “Pyramid” shaped flying objects very much similar to UFO.

Universe is very big and such cases shows that we are not alone here. There are some creatures in other part of universe.



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