UFO’s Are Real But There is 'No Evidence' That They are Alien Spacecrafts

A UFO report which scheduled to be present to Congress on June 25. U.S intelligence officials who are working for this report claiming that there are no shreds of evidence that UFOs are Alien’s spacecraft from glimpses of UFOs encountered by Navy Pilots in past years. Even those spacecraft that perform aerodynamics feats that are impossible to perform by human spacecraft have no evidence that they are from extraterrestrial.

US officials also claim that there are more than 120 incidents from the past 2 decades has but they are not American-made technologies then these objects might be from rival countries likely Russia, or China that could be experimenting with hypersonic technology. Although these objects pose difficulties to national security. UFOs occurrences are difficult to explain and saying that these have come from other planets. These are the only conclusive explanations and there are more firm explanations to come on June 25 stated by officials of the report.

American’s fascination with UFOs is boosted during the recent few weeks as the release of the UFO report is near. Even former President Brack Obama is curious to know the truth about these incidents. Obama said that “What is true, and I’m being serious here, is that there is footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are.’’

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This report contains more things like phenomenon, acceleration, direction, and submerge which is difficult to explain. There is one possible explanation for this can be weather balloons or some research balloons. But it cannot take place in all cases because of the changes in wind directions at the time of interactions said by officials.

The report which is going to release will also have a classified addition which will be going to remain to disclose to the public. This would lead to speculation among the public that government has secret data about alien’s visits to earth. This addition will not be including any shreds of evidence that tell these UFOs are alien spacecraft.

The report including the studies of incidents, and videos of these incidents collected by U.S Navy Pilots. And officials are saying that these UFOs are still unknown whether they belong to aliens. The truth about these would be in front of us in few weeks. I hope you like this information and stay tuned with us to get more things like this!


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