Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla are working together on a WebExtensions Group 'WECG'

Hey readers, whenever you add an extension which wants to support more than one browser, it always happens that each browser adds their own changes and doesn’t always apply Google’s new API. Also, the permissions and APIs vary across various browsers.

So in order to solve this problem, now the major browser vendors like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, are coming up together to form a ‘WebExtension Community Group’. Before discussing the collaborative idea on extensions we must tell basic information about what browser extensions actually are.

What are Browser Extensions

In simple language browser/web extensions are a small software module that customizes the web browser, changes the browser’s functionality, and even adds new features to the existing behavior of the program.

What’s the Idea of Collaboration on Extensions

So basically the browsers like Firefox, Edge, Opera, and others have their extension APIs on Chrome but while you add these extensions, they undergo some changes as per the browser you use. But now in order to standardize APIs and functionalities across all the browsers, a WebExtension Community is going to establish that will mainly focus on creating a common core of functionalities, APIs, and permissions.

This idea of WebExtension Community Group is a collective and common vision idea of major browser vendors who not only are collaborating with each other but also invites other browser makers, extension makers, and other parties to join them.

According to the announcement in a blog post they said,

“We are excited to announce the launch of WebExtension Community Group (WECG). Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla are initially this community group and we welcome the other browser makers, extension developers, and interested third parties to join this effort!”

Further they also mention about operating of extensions that,

“Each browser vendor will continue to operate their extension store fully independently with their own Technical review and editorial policies.”

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