Platinum End anime adaption

Coming from the duo (Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata) which set forth Death Note, Platinum End is a fantasy-thriller, and just like Death Note it has got Supernatural elements too. The manga started in 2015 and ended on the 6th of this month. Now an anime adaptation has been announced. According to the official announcement, it might drop in October this year (fall, 2021). Moreover, a teaser was also released. Hideya Takahashi is going to direct the anime adaptation, he is famous for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Platinum End’s plot revolves around a high school guy, Mirai Kakehashi, who just graduated. But this guy is not so hopeful about his life and tries to give up and commits suicide. Out of nowhere an angel, Nasse appears, and thinking him to be dead grants him 2 supernatural abilities. He is given the power to fly with the help of the angel wings.

He is given an angel’s arrow, a red one that allows any individual he shoots to fall in love with him, and a white arrow which is an instant-death arrow. The angel offers him these powers so that Mirai can change the people around him, and on top of that, he has to control his power and face those who also possess such power. Yes! There are others in possession of such powers.

God is dying and according to the tradition, 13 angels must bring one human each who will receive the power of life ‘n’ death over the others for 999 days. As a consequence of their action, one of them will be elected as the new God of heaven. The manga is not only made by the creator of Death note but it has similarities to Death Note. There are several references to Death Note in the Platinum end that might suggest that both the events take place in the same universe. “Platinum End” is something, the Death Note fans ought to look forward to.



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