How does death note works

One day somebody knocks at your door, upon opening the door you find a real Death Note there. You do know it’s potential but don’t know it’s regulations in the first place. Behold!! This article will do the same for you, help you become the master of death note.

  • Whoever’s name entered into the death note, by the owner will die. The fundamental rule states that if an individual’s name is written in the book, he/she will die. A heart attack will become the default cause, except for the owner of the death note frames a different cause. The writer must enter the correct spellings. Furthermore, this note will not bring off, lest the writer has the individual’s face in his/her mind while entering the name. Therefore, people with the same name will not be affected.
Names written in Death Note
  • The conditions for death will not be met unless it is physically possible for that human or if it is unnatural. Death note is unable to practice magic. It works respecting the principle of physics. The death caused must be logical. If the writer specifies death due to some disease and enters a specific name and the person’s time of death, the disease will take it’s a natural time for incubation. If the stationed time is too tense, the victim will die of a heart attack after 6 minutes and 40 seconds of completing the note.
  • When the human owner of Death note dies, the original owner, referred to as Shinigami have to accomplish a terrible duty. He/She must write the name of the same human in his death note. Upon this, the human will not be able to enter either heaven or hell. Viewers speculate that either he will linger in empty oblivion for the rest of the time or perhaps terminate.
Ryuk writing Lights name in the Death Note
  • Any page or even a small portion is taken from the note holds the full power of the note. Thus, we can say that this tool of demolition comes in very handy. The apparatus to write with can be anything, even blood. Condition being, it must write directly onto the pages and remains as a distinct syllable.
  • If you are friendless, then here is a catch for you. You will get a friend, the God of death, Shinigami. But it couldn’t do anything in your favor. If it wants to do something for you it will cost him/her his life.
Shinigami Ryuk
  • The human owner of the death note can in exchange 50% of his/her remaining life, get the eyes of the god of death. These demonic eyes provide the human owner with the ability to see through anybody’s name and remaining life span. It does sound great but along with a great cost it comes with boredom as well.
Shinigami eyes
  • The human who loses track of him being the owner of the death note will not remember using it in the first place. This does not mean that he will lose every single memory he created during possessing a death note but will only lose the memory involving the death note. Therefore, take this death note seriously as the creator of this franchise Tsugumi Ohba is a largely unknown entity.His/her real identity is well hidden. It looks like the author shares a lot in common with L. Ohba likes to collect teacups and develop mangas while holding his/her knees on a chair like L. What if this death note thing really exists!!!
  • There is an eraser, a special tool that could restore any life taken by the death note. There is a way for users to reverse the aftermath. Isn’t it intriguing but complicated as well? So one will definitely choose this rule, “Whenever you want to change anything written on the DEATH NOTE within 6 minutes and 40 seconds after you wrote, you must first rule out the characters you want to erase with two straight lines”.



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