Aliens might have vanished

As the things are going this year, we can expect to find alien life soon? Well, but there are some studies (which we really hate to tell you about) that suggest that aliens might not exist anymore. Now according to the study, it can be possible that aliens in our galaxy may have exited at one time but got perished, by causing their own downfall by progressing too much.

Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and California’s Institute of Technology have earlier claimed that the progress in scientific and technological sectors in a civilization can cause its downfall.

The research says too much progress “will inevitably lead to complete destruction and biological degeneration”. And on the basis of this, they extrapolated that all life in our Milky Way Galaxy may have been obliterated by now, not by any external sources (like dinosaurs got wiped out by a meteor), but by its own devices and developments.

In the paper posted online on Arxiv earlier this month, researchers said that on the baes of this, extrapolation suggests that intelligent life may have destroyed themselves by making too much progress.

The scientists have also said that humans are yet to develop such kind of societies, or we can say humans are on their way to reach their peak. The paper also added that aliens existed at least 8 billion years ago after the formation of the gallery, while humans have shown up at least 13.5 billion years after the creation of the Milky Way.

radio signals

However, it not like that all hope is lost, at least outside of the Milky Way. In December this year, an international team of space scientists has received mysterious radio signals from a planet far far away. The planet is located in Tau Bootis, a star system which is 51 light-years away from us.

The observation and the research has been published in scientific journal Astronomy & Astrophysics which says.

“The signal is from the Tau Boötes system, which contains a binary star and an exoplanet. We make the case for emission by the planet itself. From the strength and polarisation of the radio signal and the planet’s magnetic field, it is compatible with theoretical predictions.”



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