Castlevania Spin-off series 'set in 1792 France' announced by Netflix

The fourth installment of the hyped Netflix original animated series was announced to be the end of Castlevania’s universe back in April. However, now Netflix at its Geeked Week event has revealed very welcoming news, a Castlevania spin-off series “set in 1792 France during the French Revolution.” This return cropped up in the final moments of the event and proved to be one of the greatest reveals of the event.

Castlevania spin-off is currently in the works and will feature fan-favs from 1993’s Rondo of Blood (Castlevania: Dracula X) and Symphony of the Night. Netflix stated, “An all-new series in the Castlevania Universe starring Richter Belmont, the great great great great great great great great great great great grandson of Sypha and Trevor, and Maria Renard, set in 1792 France during the French Revolution.” (Netflix accidentally described Richter as the son of Trevor and Sylpha earlier, which they peculiarly corrected)

Richter, the descendent of Trevor Belmont, has evolved as a fan-favorite character from its initial days in Rondo of Blood. He took over Dracula’s castle and tried to resurrect the vampire lord in Symphony of the night. We have seen him with Maria Renard in Rondo of Blood trying to knock down Dracula, it would make great sense if Netflix tries to take the same approach as The Mandalorian, giving us a great combo of cynical warrior-quirky child companionship.

Powerhouse will continue as the animation studio for the spin-off. Emmy-winning producer Kevin Kolde will serve as the producer while Clive Bradley will be the scriptwriter and the showrunner. Sam and Adam Deats, director of the original series, will also direct the Castlevania spin-off.

Castlevania Spin-off series 'set in 1792 France' announced by Netflix

An image has been posted on the Geeked Twitter account referring to the upcoming Castlevania spin-off. No further details regarding the release, teasers, or plot. Also, the title for the next original Castlevania anime series hasn’t been announced yet.

Adapting the wide stretch of the popular video game from Konami, Castlevania has been broadly appreciated since its premiere as the finest game adaptation so far and triggered a ripple of video game anime adaptation.


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