93rd Academy Awards: Nomadland Won Best Picture

93rd Academy Awards: ‘Nomadland’ Won Best Picture

Nomadland won three awards for Best Picture, Best Actress- Frances McDormand, and Best Director- Chloe Zhao. Nomadland is an American drama film.
Harry potter fate of elder wand

The Fate of the Elder Wand – Book v/s Movie

After Voldemort was defeated and Harry became the true owner of the Elder Wand, the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie took a...
Demi Lovato Struggle with Multiple Strokes, Heart Attack & Overdose on YouTube

Demi Lovato reveals her Struggle with Multiple Strokes, Heart Attack & Overdose on YouTube

Demi Lovato – YouTube Documentary   With fame, comes a lot of problems but it is upon the person how he deals with it. The same...
Gina Carano feuds with Disney!

Gina Carano feuds with Disney!

At the point when Disney cut binds with actress and previous MMA contender Gina Carano on February 10, it looked to many like an...
Severus Snape

The greyest character of Harry Potter: Harry’s perception of Severus Snape

Severus Snape was one of the major characters of the Harry Potter series. His loyalty was questionable throughout the series until his death when...

All you need to know about Lionsgate’s John Wick

John Wick is the most admired action franchise. Name John Wick is itself is very familiar to a lot of people even if they...

Types of Spells in The Wizarding World

A Spell refers to a controlled manifestation of magic that affects the world in a supernatural fashion. It is a very broad term that...
who were harry potter's grand parents

Who were Harry Potter’s Grandparents and How did they die?

Harry Potter, The Chosen One, was left an orphan at the age of one when Lord Voldemort murdered his parents on the night of...

Rules And Guidelines that the Stranger Things cast has to follow to stay on...

Stranger Things is one of the most beloved and popular science-fiction shows on Netflix. Set in the 80s, This show focuses on a bunch...

What happened to the “Weasley family” after the Second Wizarding War

When asked which wizarding family is our favorite, most of us answer with “The Weasleys”. Right from the beginning of Harry Potter, the Weasleys...