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Pet-Bots Replace Actual animals

Will Pet-Bots replace actual animals?

Pets have always been lovable, but according to pet-bot developers, they have a few downsides as they need to be fed, cleaned up, and...

Valorant: Better than CS:GO?

So, I'm going to be unbiased about what I write about CS: GO and Valorant in this blog. The fact that I've been playing...
A Philosopher Proved 150 Years Ago That It's Pointless To Start An Internet Argument

Initiating An Internet Argument is Pointless: Philosopher Proved 150 Years Ago

Maybe there is no chance of encouraging others to change their minds on the internet. But Mill does point to a different approach, as Saunders notes.
Elephants trunk inhale water at 330 mph even faster than Japan Rail Bullet Trian

Elephants’ Trunks inhale water at 330 mph even faster than Japan Rail Bullet Trian

The trunk is an important organ of elephants as it helps them to suck water, capture food twigs even fragile tortilla chips that are...
A Hidden Signature is Found in Every Identical Twins' DNA

A Hidden Signature Found in Every Identical Twins’ DNA Can Reveal If You Had...

Identical twins originate from one egg cell that splits and gives rise to two embryos, but during development, one twin sometimes "vanishes," leaving only...

Openpay: An Interest Free Loan

Openpay is a flexible, creative, and interest-free mode of payment. It is based on Buy Now, Pay Later without interest. Moreover, you can choose the...
Why Apple's Ecosystem Has More Loyal Users?

Why Apple’s Ecosystem Has More Loyal Users?

Apple is a brand of choice for most consumers in the western world. But here in India, Android(for mobile) and Windows(for PC platform) is...
Internet without Third-Party Cookies - Craffic

Internet without Third-Party Cookies

Hey, guys today I am bringing a new and exciting topic that is what would happen to the internet without third-party cookies. Firstly let’s...
Pegasus Spyware - Everything you should know

Pegasus Spyware – Everything you should know about this Ultimate Spyware

Over the weekend, Pegasus Spyware aka Q Suite has become one of the latest hot topics in media after The Washington Post and The Guardian published a...

Here’s Why Didn’t Quirrell Lose His Arm When He Shook Harry’s Hand

Hey readers, today we’re going to discuss why didn't Quirrell lose his arm when he shook Harry's hand. So, Quirinus Quirrell was an English half-blood...