big bang vs friends

The Big Bang Vs Friends: Which Show To Commit to!

Big Bang Vs Friends!! Both biggest sitcoms on television but which appeals to more audiences? Rerun of both of the shows is on different...

Why was Windows 95 a Big Deal?

It was the night of August 23, 1995, when people were awake till midnight. Wondering why??? It was because today was the night when the...
'Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone' hit the $1B Global Box Office after Boost From China Reissue

Harry Potter Headcanons was Loved by the Fans

Harry Potter Headcanons was loved by the fans. The list of the Harry Potter Headcanons 8. Crookshanks was Harry Potter’s cat. In the book, Harry Potter...
harry potter

5 Major Characters From Harry Potter Series That We Missed In Movies!

Everyone can agree with the fact that the Harry Potter book series is one of the greatest pieces of literature that the world has...

Is Geopolitics going to be the reason for World War- III?

Is Geopolitics going to be the reason for this world’s end? Is it going to be the reason for World War III? Geopolitics is...

AI Marketing- All you need for your business to grow

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the intelligence of machines that can do analytic, coherent, logical, and reasonable functions which are correlated with the human mind....

Hogwarts’ Houses’ Mascots and the problem with Ravenclaw’s Mascot

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin are common terms with which every Potterhead is familiar with and most of them identify or associate themselves with...

Odyssey: The New and Decentralize YouTube

Do you know about Odyssey? have you ever heard of decentralized Youtube? Well, YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform...

Here’s Why Didn’t Quirrell Lose His Arm When He Shook Harry’s Hand

Hey readers, today we’re going to discuss why didn't Quirrell lose his arm when he shook Harry's hand. So, Quirinus Quirrell was an English half-blood...
Peaky Blinders Feature Film will begin filming in 2023

Which Peaky Blinders Characters are Real?

Only a real Peaky Blinders fan would know that the British drama, a creation of Steven Knight, consists of a handful of real-life characters...