Global Apple Market And Himachal Pradesh

Just imagine those red, crispy, and sweet apples served to you on your salad plate. Sounds tempting!! Well, apples seem to be the simplest fruit to grow. Just take those seeds out from the apple and just plant them in the ground and in a few years, you’ll have a tree full of juicy apples. Right? Wrong! It follows a long journey through the global apple market before it reaches your plates.

According to statistics, 87,236,221 tonnes of apples are produced every year worldwide, where China is the leading apple producer followed by the USA, Turkey, Poland, India. India is ranked at the 5th position on the apple production charts. Hence, there is a well-established global market of apples that plays a key role in delivering you the best.

Global Apple Market

Across the globe, one could find apples of different colors, sizes, shapes, varieties, varying from high-quality consumption apples to low-quality apples. More than 7500 apple varieties are grown across the world. 

Global apple market reports for the years 2021-2024 are out and conclude that the apple market is to grow at a CAGR of over 1% with 3.42 million revenue in the coming period of 2021-2024.

Apple market, as in 2019 reached $78.8B, and an increase of 2.1% of the annual average rate was recorded. Although the charts keep on fluctuating, the profit and loss of the global apple market depend very much on the apple harvest in that particular year, where the harvest depends on many factors which might be environmental or any other.

For instance, one of the global apple markets analysis published data of various countries total apple production of a particular year which is as: 

  • Australia: The rising value of apples
  • US-Washington: High demands for bagged apples 
  • India: Imports from India declined due to new domestic harvest
  • Poland: Due to hail and frost more of the class 2 fruits were produced
  • France: Small but good quality harvest

Dynamics and Layout of Global Apple Market

Apple on the table

Talking about the dynamics of the global apple market a question arises “what has driven this flourishing apple market”.

So basically, apples have been considered as the most preferred superfood and the demand for the superfoods is massively increasing among the fitness freaks and health-conscious people. This has really boosted the apple market across the world. Apple is not only preferred because of its taste but also because it adds the nutritional value of being a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin c, fiber, etc. it is also consumed for glowing skin as it exfoliates the skin.

Moreover, urban farming is also a reason for the growth in the global apple market. Lesser the cultivation area more is the innovation as per the necessity and hence the idea of urban farming is attracting the people. 

‘How does this add to the growth of the apple market?’ This is because urban farming decreases the cost of transportation and refrigeration hence contributing to a better and effective apple market.

The Global Apple Market follows a particular layout as reports mention. The market is well fragmented. We could classify the market into 3 types of market segmentation:

  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Type 3

The backbone of the Global Apple Market

The firms or companies play a key role in establishing an effective working of this global apple market-making the idea of transport, selling, buying of apples worldwide. These companies serve as the backbone of the apple market. Some of the leading apple market firms are:

  • Auvil Fruit Co. Inc.
  • Borton & Sons
  • Evans Fruit Co.
  • Fruit Hill Orchard
  • Gebbers Farms
  • Gilbert Orchards

Global Apple Market overview and future scope

As per the analysis, 872 million metric tons of global apple production were marked. But this time due to the covid pandemic the apple market was hit too hard affecting the production, consumption, transportation due to restrictions which led to a broken market supply chain.

Eventually with time, now the situation is getting better and the market is flourishing as pandemics led people to think of their health more seriously. This has resulted in improvement and the global apple market is expanding, developing more e-commerce, chain fruit stores, merchandise to make apple consumption much more accessible and convenient. Hence, this all targets to raise the scale of fresh organic apple production and marketing.

Apples of Himachal Pradesh in the Global Market

Apple in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh’s 70% income is generated through apple production. Almost 6,000 crore of the apple economy of HP serves 1.75 lakh families. The state contributes 30-40% to the country’s apple production being the second-largest producer after Kashmir. The Himachal apple growers have also started to opt for natural farming and adding their part to production.

Till now the apple production was transported internally in the country but now the Himachali farmers have started to explore ways to contribute to the global apple market. This will prove beneficial for the farmers in getting high prices for the apple crop and be less dependent on the MSP. 

Moreover helping the Himachali farmers to flourish into the global market e-commerce giants or say private players like Amazon, big basket, reliance has established their foot in Himachal now. These firms will procure apples at quite reasonable prices giving them more opportunities to grow and adapt to new modern ways and strengthen the global market with the contribution of large as well as small producers of apples.

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