Joe Biden's wokeism is a hazard for society

US President Joe Biden is facing criticism over the hasty troops’ pullout from Afghanistan which led to a humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country, while many believe that it’s not just the incapability of Joe Biden but he never aimed to end the Cold War which started in 1991 and mainly he focuses on ‘wokeism’.

The Literal meaning of Wokeism

According to the two main canons of British vocabulary: the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) and Urban Dictionary.

  • In OED, it is defined as ‘originally: well-informed, up-to-date.’ With Now chiefly: ‘alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice.’
  • While Urban Dictionary defines it as ‘being woke means being aware… knowing what’s going on in the community which is primarily related to racism and social injustice.’

In simple words, woke means consciously awake.

The term ‘wokeism’ is not inherently an insult, but it has been weaponized in recent years to criticize people usually in arguments surrounding identity politics.

Wokeism grills Biden’s Presidency as per James Carville

Former Clinton adviser James Carville while targeting Joe Biden told VOX that “Wokeism is a problem and everyone knows it.” Mr. Carville said that it is hard to talk to anybody, who doesn’t say this and also added that many don’t want to say it out loud and call wokeism a problem. 

Many Democrats agree with Mr. Carville but are terrified of being “canceled” by the wokes currently calling the shots on social media if they speak out. And the fearful include Biden, who has embraced the language and policies of the left that he noticeable avoided until becoming the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, and now, he is stuck.

Republicans slam Biben and Harris over their ‘wokeism’

Biden and Harris

Speaking to talkRADIO the chair of Republican’s Overseas slammed President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for their “wokeism” claiming it to be “complete disaster”.

Mr. Swenson suggested how Biden and Harris are not concerned about “world issues” such as the growing power of China or Russia but instead pursue “human resource” and “wokeism” issues with their policies and went on to brand the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan as a “disaster” and accused the pair of pursuing a “radical left” wing agenda.

The Republicans went on to criticize the pair for not caring “about any of these world issues” before going on to slam them for their “wokeism”.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ interview justifies the allegations of Republicans as she was filmed laughing at a reporter who asked her a question about the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan as she traveled to Singapore.

During an interview, when Ms. Harris was asked about her response to reports of America’s hasty troop’s pullout and her meeting in Singapore, her reaction and answer reflected wokeism.

Before the question was finished, the Vice President replied laughing “Hold on, hold on, hold on… Slow down, everybody!” and added, “I want to talk about two things – First, Afghanistan, we couldn’t have a higher priority right now.”

Mr. Swenson insisted that all they care about is ‘wokeism’ and reparations and any other radical progressive left issues.

Mr. Swenson said reminded Biden that the military is in place to protect Americans and protect the world. They are the global leaders, the greater force for good, and it is their responsibility to bring peace and find solutions in the same context.

US’ role in Afghanistan is a complete “failure”

US President Joe Biden has been criticized for the hasty troops’ pullout from Afghanistan which led to a humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country. The majority of Americans who support the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan disapprove of how Biden handled it, as per a new poll.

Biden has been facing criticism from the international community over the troops’ pullout from Afghanistan which led to the Taliban’s lightning push to capture Kabul.

In a Washington Post-ABC News poll, an overwhelming majority supported Biden’s decision to end the two decades of war in Afghanistan but 77% of respondents voiced support for the withdrawal, the chaotic evacuation including the deaths of 13 US service members hit the popular decision hard. While 52% disapproved of the handling and about 17% of respondents opposed the withdrawal. 6% had no opinion on the burning issue. 

Only 8% of the 1,006 adults involved in the survey believed that US forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan makes the United States safer from terrorism. And 44%  that the polled that the US less safe, and 45% of them said the decision makes no difference.

Since troops’ withdrawal and crisis in Afghanistan, the approval rating of the US president has hit a new low since his presidency started in January. According to a new Marist National Poll with NPR and PBS Newshour, Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 43% and a large section of the populace has also termed the US’ role in Afghanistan a “failure” which shows wokeism has hit Biden hard.

Biden administration has been vehemently defending the withdrawal and vaguely said that the main purpose of the US military was to eliminate al Qaeda and ensure Afghan soil is never used by terror groups to harm the United States which makes us question Biden’s presidency and his wokeism.

Biden’s Blunt Vision on Afghan War

Afghan War

Joe Biden’s unapologetic defense on his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and the messed up final days of the retreat is an inflection point in the evolution of US foreign policy since the end of the Cold War in 1991 and his definitive call on walking away from Afghanistan is the end of a prolonged US domestic debate which brings to a close of American effort to remake other societies in the name of US global leadership. 

Biden’s vision of the Afghan war is blunt but not new and dated back to the years when he was the vice president to Barack Obama. American opposition to the Afghan occupation has been gathering pace for more than a decade. Even Obama was not enthusiastic about the wars of intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq launched by his predecessor George W Bush. Obama ended the war in Iraq in 2011 and was eager to wrap up the Afghan occupation by 2014 but left the final decision to his successor. 

After Obama, President Donald Trump had even less ownership of the Afghan war as he pivoted to finding a political settlement with the Taliban that facilitated the safe withdrawal of US troops but devalued the political legitimacy of the Kabul government. After Trump’s presidency, Biden decided to continue those policies.

As Biden put it, the decision was not just about Afghanistan but ending an era of major military operations to remake other countries which are based on a new American political consensus on a narrower definition of US national interests. 

Trump and Biden Administrations are more worried about the nature of the Chinese threat and the urgency of dealing with it and avoiding distractions like Afghanistan. 

The US claims to be global leaders, the greater force for good, and Joe Biden being an elected President of the US rather than bringing peace globally is more into ‘wokeism’. These instances stand as a strong question to his capabilities.


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