NASA’s OSIRIS-REx observes Particles as Big as Softballs ejected from Asteroid “Bennu”

Researchers in charge of NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission has regularly recorded detailed observations of shedding material from asteroid Bennu. The spacecraft has, for...
Meteorite's Impact Craters May Be The Origin of Life

Meteorite’s Impact Craters May Be The Origin of Life

Meteorite impact craters may represent the most likely sites on Earth where life began. There are a lot of hypotheses for where life started on Earth.

Dawn spacecraft of NASA Discovers Hidden Ocean under Ceres icy shell

What are the Findings? In the belt, an immense region of space between Mars and Jupiter, many rocky...
Mars experiencing Giant Waves of Sand

Mars experiencing Some Enormous Sand Waves

Researchers are spotting giant sand waves of Mars migrating from its place. This discovery has caused scrapping of a long time belief of “mega ripples”.
Universe expansion rate revised again

The Expansion Rate of the Universe Revised Again

There are a lot of disagreements and contradictions when it comes to Universe’s expansion rate.