Russians Claiming The Ownership of Venus

Officials were up to the shenanigans in Russia, apparently seeking to lay claim to a whole world. Last week the Russian space corporation’s director-general, Roscosmos, said Venus was a Russian planet. Director-General Dmitry Rogozin told reporters it was on Russia’s agenda to start researching Venus.

“We think Venus is a Russian planet,” Rogozin told reporters, pointing out that they shouldn’t be lagging behind. He also stated during the conference that Russia planned to send its own mission to Venus, in addition to a joint venture recently proposed with the US called Venera-D. This mission will involve sending astronauts, as well as unaccrued spacecraft to the planet in 2026 or 2031.

Rogozin said Russia was the first country to successfully land on Venus, adding that the spacecraft had obtained information on the planet naming it “Hell out there.” Russia is talking about its intentions to explore Venus after recent research has indicated that clouds on the planet could host microbial life.


Russians Claiming The Ownership of Venus

Venus’ atmosphere is nearly entirely carbon dioxide and is the second brightest object other than the moon in the sky. Venus is the sun’s second planet and is one of the solar system’s hottest planets. In 1970, the former Soviet Union landed a spacecraft named Venera 7 on Venus, which became the first probe to send data back to Earth.

Russians Claiming The Ownership of Venus

While the probe landed on the planet successfully, due to the scorching temperatures, it melted within seconds. Russia sent another probe to the planet called Venera 9, which in 1975 took the first photograph of Venus’ surface from a ground-level perspective. Then again in 1981 and 1983, Russia sent Venera 13, 14 and 16 to take more accurate images of Venus’ surface and orbit around the planet for more information. and In the future, new missions are expected to be revealed now that certain signs of life have emerged in the atmosphere of the planet.



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