Feds seized ‘counterfeit Apple AirPods’ that turns out to be OnePlus Buds

This morning US Customs and Border Control tweeted that the officials “recently confiscated 2,000 falsified Hong Kong Apple AirPods worth $398 K if they were authentic.” 

A press release is also available: “CBP officials protect the US public from various dangers every day,” said Troy Miller, head of CBP’s New York field operations. “The interception of these fake earbuds is a direct expression of our daily CBP officers’ vigilance and commitment to the success of missions.” These units were founded in Hong Kong and captured at the JFK on 31 August and were headed to Nevada, the press release states.

The only problem is that the confiscated goods seem to be legal One Plus Buds on the basis of photographs taken by the agency itself, in a box that says something like this. Yet CBP tweeted confidently, “THAT ‘S NOT AN APPLE.”Although the CBP images are unmistakable, it is not clear if all the 2000 blocked units were OnePlus Buds.

OnePlus is not even mentioned in the press release and it is not clear if the officers understood what they were looking for. Some will trick AirPods with the White OnePlus Buds!

OnePlus airpods

But the boxes in the pictures say OnePlus Buds. It’s not an AirPods knock-off package using the wrong font or something. At least with the confiscated commodity, there’s no trickery at hand. That’s another story if AirPods were meant to be on the shipment.


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