Pic Credit: Heri Shinato, Artstation

In the manga published from 1990-95, by Yukito Kushiro, the setup is dystopian, where Dr. Daisuke Ido finds a female cyborg body in a wrecked ship, in the dump heap. This cyborg’s body was good to go and its incredible technology-led Ido takes it back to his clinic. But he found that the cyborg was once a war machine so he locked its berserker body in the basement.

But when a fight led Alita to nearly killed, Dr. Ido had to equip Alita with her Berserker body after configuring some changes in its actual form. The suit was constructed hundreds of years ago, during the Terraforming war for transforming the warriors into war machines.

Alita actually had few bodysuits which she wore according to different situations occurred. But her berserker body is suited for combat purposes. This advanced lifeform was intended to turn a human into a powerfully destructive weapon. The berserker cells were the primary building unit of this structure. It comprised variable muscles that helped in manipulating its appearance either male or female. It was equipped with locks in order to check its actual destructive power. The body has the ability to regenerate all forms of matter.


When Zapan was the bearer of the body he created a demon dog from plasma and countered Murdock’s cyborg dogs. It can manipulate energy fields such as plasma and electromagnetic fields. During Alita’s fight with Makuku in the sewers, she generated plasma and blow off one of his arms with her plasma jet. When he entangles Alita with his massive body and tried to trigger an explosion, she chocked the flames with electromagnetic fields. It can absorb all forms of matter and transform its appearance according to the bearer’s need.

Nanotech which was the core of this armor has limits in the form of collapses. The collapsars are pieces of tech that are made to combat berserker cells. As this armor is nearly indestructible so the creator assembled these collapsars which can break down the berserker cells on a cellular level and disintegrate the body.

This Armor was a masterpiece imagined by Kushiro and provides Alita her actual Identity as a battle angel.



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