Drone Pilot melts his machine to record stunning Volcano Eruption in Iceland - Craffic

A drone pilot as of late caught some exceptional film gazing straight down into an erupting volcano in Iceland. Yet, picture taker Garðar Ólafs flew his machine so near the warmth and heaving magma that after directing his drone home, he saw that piece of it had melted.

Here’s the footage of Volcano Eruption taken by Garðar Ólafs drone.

“I was flying my drone around the emission and thought that it would be cool to see it from straight above,” Ólafs told PetaPixel. “I gradually brought down the robot until everything I could see was emitting magma, and when I looked into it, I didn’t see the drone any longer. Essentially, I was inside the crater of lava.”

Understanding the drone probably won’t last any longer if he left it in position, Ólafs quickly flew it out of risk and back to its dispatch point.

Examining the machine following the flight, the Iceland resident, who sells his drone pictures and film utilizing his stock site, said the warmth from the fountain of liquid magma softened the light on the underside of the drone and harmed its obstruction evasion sensors (we’re feeling that as he flew his robot toward a seething spring of gushing lava, he doesn’t care about those sensors anyway).

While the machine flies, it no longer functions as it ought to, with various mistake errors currently showing up during flights. Ólafs, who lives near the volcano in the district of Reykjanes, felt constrained to fly his robot over the ejection to catch some dramatic imagery of the exceptional natural wonder.


“It’s a unique feeling having an erupting volcano 15 minutes away from my home,” Ólafs wrote in a message on his Instagram account.

He added: “Reykjanes has consistently been an underestimated piece of Iceland, yet today it’s presumably the most known part, interesting how things can change in one evening.”

The pilot is Garðar Ólafs, founder of @Airstock.is. He’s also selling prints from the eruption do check them out.


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