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Niantic CEO John Hanke has tweeted a cryptic preview of Pokemon GO maker’s first AR glasses. This could be the next step for the company, which is looking to expand its gaming experience beyond just the smartphone to AR gaming.

Today Hanke’s tweet gives us a close view company’s first AR glasses, And if we try to figure it out, it appears to be glasses with some kind of strap having a Niantic logo on it. Its stem also looks thicker than any other AR glasses and could feature some kind of small speaker, possibly.

Niantic first showed its interest in AR technology way back in 2019, when it announced a partnership with Qualcomm on an XR platform to work on AR glasses. After an era of VR goggles, every company is looking for their way AR glasses space. With Apple and Facebook working on their own AR devices, we last saw Niantic demonstrating a version of Pokemon Go on Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 and Microsoft Mesh platform, which was not the actual thing but gave us a look at how AR can change things in gaming space.

However, as there’s still lot of time till we see the Niantic’s first AR glasses in public. The only thing we can say is that tech AR is for sure going take games like Pokemon Go and maybe the newly announced by the developers Pikmin in collab with Nintendo to the next level.

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