Here’s Why Ellen DeGeneres is ending her talk Show after its 19th season

After completing the 19th season, a star of daytime American talk show culture, Ellen DeGeneres’s show will officially come to an end in 2022, she announced it on a video posted on her Youtube Channel. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ellen DeGeneres, 63, said her choice to exit the show was years in making. She also said that “this show was no longer a challenge for her and when you’re a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged and as great as this show is, and as fun, as it is.”

According to a preview provided to NBC News, the formal announcement for the show’s ending is expected to happen during Thursday’s monologue, where DeGeneres calls the program the ‘greatest experience’ of her life.

“You may wonder why I’ve decided to end after 19 seasons,” writes Ellen DeGeneres. “The truth is I’ve always trusted my instincts. And my instinct told me it’s time.”

Ellen DeGeneres is going to have Oprah Winfrey as a guest on her show on Thursday to talk about the show’s ending. She has also been the co-producer of the show and last year she became the 12th highest-paid celebrity in the world, according to Forbes magazine. She also assured in her monologue by saying “I promise you that we are going to have a fantastic final season”.

This news comes after BuzzFeed reported in July last year, that anonymous former employees accused the show’s executive producers of a toxic workplace environment and after a drop of a million viewers in the 2020-2021 season reported by The New York Times.

Till now, this show has had many international and Indian celebrities as well. This show is known for its celebrity pranks, gift giveaways, and its host’s signature dance moves. The kind of response this show has got is amazing. This will be quite heartbreaking for Ellen fans to see the show’s ending.

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