Tesla Launches Engage - A New Social Media Platform

Engage Tesla – New Platform

Tesla has launched its platform website for its fan followers mainly designed to spur them to political action on their behalf. The company said that it made the platform – Engage Tesla to create a place of collection for all of our work and easy communications with the Tesla community members to keep them updated on what is coming next, take actions if required, and stay in harmony with everyone. 

Social Issues Addressed 

Tesla also takes responsibility for social issues as they are asking people on Engage Texla to donate to disaster relief charities in Texas after the winter storm hitting the region with no electricity. Texas is the home to Space X’s facilities in Boca Chica and the upcoming home for Austin Gigafactory. Tesla also has a post written on the site for people living in Nebraska to their state legislators in support of LB 633 which is a bill allowing the company to sell its cars to customers directly if passed. 

Tesla Introduce Engage

How to Interact?

The automaker is also winding down its official forums with the launch of Engage. They will be transitioned to read-only on March 15. On this site, the company is allowed to make new posts and by signing up members can comment on those posts and gain likes and follow other people. Making the Engage Tesla not a one-to-one copy of the outgoing forums. 



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