Epic Games reportedly want to make a Fortnite feature film

Epic Games is now reportedly looking to create shows based on its own video games and a Fortnite feature film, after announcing the creation of a new entertainment division within the studio.

The developer has officially opened a new branch within its company focusing specifically on creating scripted video programming to further expand into the media industry, according to a new report from The Information (paywall).

The move also comes following the addition of three top Lucasfilm employees to the company, including former VP of physical production Jason McGatlin, who now acts as the president of Epic’s special projects division.

Also, Apple recently said it won’t consider letting Fortnite back on the App Store until its legal battle with Epic is over, which might not be for several years.

Epic is appealing against the decision in its antitrust lawsuit against Apple, which last month saw the judge in case rule against the Fortnite maker in nine of the 10 counts it had brought against the iPhone firm.

So far, information regarding the entertainment division’s upcoming plans remains thin on the ground, but the source does suggest that a Fortnite feature film has “already been discussed.”

So, that’s all about it. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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