According to, a growing number of users are reporting about they are having issues connecting to many of the G Suite services, but especially Gmail. Many users report that they were unable to send mails or attach files on Gmail for the past 2-3 hours.

DownDetector shows that people who are suffering from this problem are not just from India, but also from Australia, Japan and other parts of the world.

Some people were also complaining that they were unable to share and upload files on Google Drive from last night. “Google and its engineering team are investigating the issue. We will provide more updates as they become fully available on their global platform,” said sources. Google has also confirmed the outage of Gmail services on its status page.


This is the second time in two months that Gmail is suffering from these types of widespread issues. In July, some users also reported that they are not being able to log into their Gmail accounts. Gmail noted the issue and fixed it, but never issued an explanation about how it happened.


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