Google Chromebook

Google could soon give old PCs, like Chromebooks, a new lease on life. Tech giants have secretly acquired Neverware, a company whose CloudReady product brings Chrome OS (more precisely, Chromium OS) to older Macs and Windows PCs that may no longer receive device updates, as stated by 9to5Google.

In the short term, Neverware had no plans for modifications to CloudReady, including the free Home Edition targeted at people. However, in the long run, the firm said it would become an “official offering of Chrome OS” with updates. For at least some models, you should expect the full weight of Google’s support, in other words.

This isn’t the first time that Google and Neverware have been friendly. Tech giants helped finance Neverware in 2017 to help get CloudReady off the ground.

This may play an important role in extending the scope of Chrome OS. Many schools and smaller companies cannot always afford to upgrade computers, particularly if the only problem is a lack of software upgrades. Google could use Neverware’s CloudReady to make Chrome OS an alternative for cash-strapped companies, which could drive them away from Macs and Windows systems the next time they’re buying new hardware.



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