More than a year ago, Minecraft builders Elysium Fire first teased their Cyberpunk inspired city, and now it is available to download in all its blocky neon glory. But beware: it’s a beastly build, as magnificent as this city looks. If you’re planning to run it, note that it may not only blow your mind but your PC as well (see what I did there). A peek into the future appears to have its price. 

It’s one hell of a build and checks every box for a futuristic city if you can manage to run It. It has mega skyscrapers, eye-melting neon signs, the whole nine yards of a giant virtual phoenix. 

Chatting over email with the creator of Elysium Fire, Jeremy Sanchez, he informed that a total of fifteen people worked on the map. Building the map itself took them 18 months, but the creation of the video and further post-production work took the team another 6 months, making the overall project cross the 2-year mark. 

Sanchez also informs that you’ll have less risk of build crashing on your PC with the correct settings. It can support load it by modifying the settings, such as reducing the render gap and eliminating shaders. Sanchez says “My old configuration ran the build correctly, It was an i5 generation with an Nvidia GTX MSI 970.”

You can go all out with the shaders if your PC can handle it as you’re going to get some amazing results. Sanchez also points out that Nvidia’s Minecraft RTX patch picked up their Cyberpunk build, which means that with added ray-tracing, you can enjoy the city, leading to spectacular results. What better way to test your PC’s strength than a ridiculously heavy build with Minecraft RTX turned on?

minecraft city
(Image credit: Elysium Fire)

Elysium Fire’s city is not an exact copy of the Night City of Cyberpunk 2077, but it was never supposed to be. Sanchez claims the team did not have any reference photos for the metropolis of CD Projekt Red while designing the Cyberpunk project and instead took inspiration from several different sources. 

“We improvised some designs and we were inspired by artwork found on the internet,” Sanchez says. “But, for the most part, the constructions came straight from our imagination and we were inspired by the perspectives and the play of light offered by the shaders.”

The team has also built one of of the most popular Minecraft fantasy cities Novigrad (not that Novigrad, but it’s similar), and is known for making dynamic maps such as The The Titans Attack.



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