Bugatti Stepping into Home Audio Business

Bugatti Making Speakers

There is surprisingly a lot of stuff common in the world of high-end automobiles and high-end audio. These two categories make use of exotic and interesting materials to make amazing featured products. Both can be equivalently highly-priced and can be advantageous in many qualitative situations. 

These similarities have inspired Bugatti to announce on Tuesday of co-branded high-end home audio. This is something really surprising as Bugatti is working with Tidal, a German audio company, to produce “the Bugatti of home audio” and to make a start they are coming up with pair of speakers named “Royale”.

Fail of 1930

And for the diehard fans of Bugatti, you must remember that there was once a massive and unreasonably opulent vehicle also called the Royale in 1930. And only six of them were built but due to the Great Depression prevalent then resulted in only selling of three models. And Tidal will be hoping to not repeat the event as there are other similarities too that are less menacing.

Bugatti and Tidal
This is the brains of the operation, since the amplifiers are built into the speakers themselves.

How is the new Speaker?

Royale speakers are floor-standing loudspeakers, are in-fact largely using a union of four woofer speakers and a single three-way driver and diamond diaphragm fitted tweeter. Each speaker in the pair has its built-in amplification meaning that they are active speakers. This is in contrast to the rest of the audiophile speakers that are passive as they need to be controlled by a separate amplifier and preamp. You can easily pair with a bespoke Bugatti-branded controller with your powered speakers allowing you to connect your various audio sources to the speakers.

Price, Weight, and Pieces

Initially, 30 pairs will be produced by Tidal and Bugatti of the Royale in two special editions namely- Edition Noir and Edition Blanc and are black and white in color, respectively. Later on, customization would be limitless on the other versions of the product. And they are immensely heavy, weighing around 352 pounds. However, the price for the speakers is yet not determined but won’t be surprising to see a six-figure range.


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