Google aims to build a Commercial-Grade Quantum Computer By 2029

Yesterday, there was a conference of Google I/O 2021 in which CEO of Google Sundar Pichai announced that they will create for Quantum computer for commercial purposes by 2029. In addition, these computers will perform large calculations without any error. They also announced that from now onwards all related work to this will be going to happen in Google’s new campus, Santa Barbara, California which is dedicated only to Quantum AI.

Quantum Computer

Quantum computers are based on the principles of quantum states, which use subatomic particles to store information. Instead of using bits (0 or 1) to store information in classic computers, quantum computers use quantum bits or qubits(0 or 1, or both) to store information. This helps quantum computers to handle operations at high speed or we can say that speed is in exponents.

Google Announcement Regarding Quantum-Computers By 2029

Google gives designated campus for Quantum AI works which are Google’s first quantum, hardware research laboratories, and the quantum processor chip fabrication facilities.

Eric Lucero Lead Engineer of Quantum AI in Google, explains the plan of the company to build Quantum Computer. He said that “they will be going to build a useful and error-corrected computer.” They mentioned, that “these computers will help to find the solutions to the world’s problem with sustainable energy, finding methods to create fertilizers to reduce carbon emissions, developing methods to feed the world’s growing population, create more targeted medicines and more artificial intelligence. To do this all, they have to understand and design molecules better.”

quantum ai campus

Constellation Research Inc. analyst Holger Muller said “Google’s real motive to develop Quantum computers is they want to add this service in Google Cloud for this they need a quantum platform of its own. But real use cases can not be forgotten in chemistry, security, and more.”

Charles King, an analyst in Pund-IT Inc. said “to develop this computer they have to create programming languages, software architectures, project management methodologies, and other issues are also there which need to be addressed.” He also mentioned that “8 years of a long period will be enough for Google to develop working commercial Quantum computers.”

There are few companies in the world to give a date to launch Quantum Computer. One of them is Google. The rival of Google is IBM Corp. is also not behind the race as they also published their plan to deliver a quantum processor which will have more than 1,000 qubits by the end of 2023. It is believed that quantum computers will help industries, healthcare, economics, encryption, artificial intelligence, sustainability, and energy



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