Xbox Game Pass might actually be coming to Nintendo Switch hints Apple vs. Epic documents

According to reports from Axios Gaming Reporter Stephen Totilo, some documents from the Epic vs. Apple trial are strongly suggesting that there might be a possibility for Xbox Game Pass to find its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox and Nintendo have momentarily partnered in the past, most distinctly by the Minecraft cross-play between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Through Microsoft’s Game Stack event earlier this year, a Nintendo Switch appeared in the background of a presentation, leading fans to contemplate that a partnership between the brands is happening.

It would be very exciting to see if Xbox Game Pass could be brought on Nintendo Switch. Aside from the company hurdles, there are several technical issues that would make it difficult. The platform would need a specifically developed and optimized set of games, as many would-be incompatible with Switch. But it’s all just consideration until Nintendo and Microsoft make some kind of official statement.

Xbox Game Pass has had a constant presence in the gaming news cycle. Many games joined the subscription service. Future games from Bethesda, like Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, will probably join the Game Pass library as well when they release. Xbox Game Pass continues to grow and update with more game offerings, and it appears to be finding its way to other platforms as well.

Regardless of what will be announced, it’s clear that the strong bond between Nintendo and Microsoft will continue to grow



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