Nintendo Switch with 7-inch OLED screen and 4K output arriving this year - Craffic

Nintendo is reportedly planning to reveal its long-rumored, new upgraded model of the Nintendo Switch (which could be the Switch Pro) with Samsung’s rigid OLED display and 4K UHD graphic output, this year. Completing a trio of its consoles (i.e. Switch, Switch Pro, Switch Lite), to fulfill the needs of every gamer around the world.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the upgraded Nintendo Switch version will use Samsung Display, which will be a 7-inch 720p rigid OLED panel and will be capable of delivering 4K graphics when in docked mode, so 720p display in handheld mode could be for preserving the battery life. With Samsung Display Co. starting the mass production of the 7-inch display as early as June 2021 with an “initial target of one million units per month.” The displays will then start shipping to assemblers around July. We can accept the new Nintendo Switch (Switch Pro) to arrive in time for the holidays.

Now as the display panel is rigid instead of flexible, it will be cheaper to use. However, there is no confirmation on how Nintendo is going to achieve the 4K resolution upgrade from 1080p on existing NVIDIA Tegra-powered units. But it’s previously speculated that Nintendo will be using Nvidia’s DLSS AI upscaling techniques, rather than pure 4K resolution output. So with a release that appears to be just around the corner, we’ll soon get to know if that’s the case or not.



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