A streamer completed Hades using a pomegranate controller

Sweet and Juicy, Twitch Streamer Dylan “Rudeism” Beck has beaten the most popular Supergiant Games’ Greek-themed roguelike game “Hades” from a “controller” made out of an actual pomegranate. This game has already inspired hundreds of players to beat the game in their own unique ways like by using only certain items, without losing any health, and so on.

To be honest, I never thought that someone could use pomegranate to defeat the final boss of the game. And to be more accurate Rudeism connected pomegranate pieces with wires and sensors from the Makey Makey circuit board. The circuit board can turn any ordinary household objects like stairs and even a bucket of water into an interesting and exciting invention.

As spotted by TheVerge, In the case of twitch streamer Rudeism’s invention, he simply attached the wires to many pieces of pomegranate and bounded their inputs to ones you’d find on a traditional gamepad.

According to Beck, here’s how it works: “My arm will be connected to the MakeyMakey via the earth wire, and then when I touch one of the pomegranates, it then creates a loop between me, the pomegranate, and the circuit board, and that’s what does inputs.” The full videos for each attempt by Rudeism are available on his Twitch channel.

In this amazing and impressive achievement, Rudeim’s viewers also helped him by keeping him motivated, and in the end, it was a fun challenge for everyone involved. Sending our congratulations to the streamer and feel free to check out the final video down below.

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