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Curiosity is a state of mind, behavior, emotions in which a person is very keen to get knowledge about anything which shook one’s mind, a strong desire to get knowledge, asking questions again and again, and intends to learn more and more things without knowing the return benefits.

If a person is curious then that person will become a genius if goes in the right direction. Rich people have curiosity in them as they learn new things every day, every month, or every year, you can simply identify a curious person if that person is talkative, active in mood and simply the body language is on another level.

But it doesn’t mean that if one is curious or shows curiosity then success or money is easy to get. It is just an aspect of your success journey. It is just an ingredient to make life more interesting, it will make you a genius.

Being a curious person

Now Everybody wants to know ‘‘AM I CURIOUS or NOT”? well, that’s not a question at all. Everybody is curious during the childhood period whether you may not but most of us were. But that aspect of your life ends slowly as you grow. Our society is built in such a way that your question asking mind loses this ability to ask questions. It tries to push down the curiosity in you.

i have no special talents. i am only passionately curious. albert einstein

Ask yourself when you last asked a question and the answer helped you. A curious mind never settles in comfortables. It is an indication of intelligence. Curiosity is not only when you just ask questions from others, if you are seeking an answer by asking yourself why this happens? If you also investigate the answers to the questions that someone has already given and confirm by yourself whether the given answer was correct or not, and try to find out another answer to the given question, you can consider yourself curious.

People having curiosity are never afraid of expressing their feelings and emotions. Their past does not affect their future. They are willing to be wrong which is the fundamental part of being curious. If they failed they figured out their mistakes and tried again. They hear without any judgment and never push their answer on others.nIt means curious people are engaged in the world around them. SUCH A LIFE IS NOT ON AUTO MODE BUT A LIFE ON DISCOVERY.

It’s the curiosity of Thomas Alva Edition who invented the electric bulb after failing so many times. It’s the curiosity of Einstein that he is capable of giving a theory of relativity. It is the curiosity of Elon Musk that he is trying to establish a human colony on Mars and already developed different techniques in rocket landing. If you found yourself, not a curious personality then try to become such a person, it is one of the most important parts of your life to achieve something, it can be a job, knowledge, or success in any field. You must have will in yourself to learn more.

We all have those curious characteristics in ourselves but we have to nurture them, we have to bring them out, we have to recognize them, but the reality is that very few of us can do that.

‘‘WHY, HOW, WHAT’’ are the power of curiosity

'‘WHY, HOW, WHAT’’ are the power of curiosity

Why does an object come to the ground when thrown towards the sky? Why is the moon shining? Why is there day and night on earth? How does the weather change? How does the human body work? What makes us smell, taste, and think better than other species on the earth? What is the universe? how it formed? Why can’t we live on another planet? What happens when the earth formed? Why are you reading this right now?

Simply these are some questions that hit the minds of many people earlier, due to their curiosity they searched, they worked, they engaged themselves completely and because of that, we live in a world which is full of scientific things. But have you ever thought about where the science word came from? This question-asking mindset not only others but from yourself also may lead to many wonderful things. We are already in a world that is explored every day by people due to their curious nature.

Curiosity is the engine of achievement

The greatest happiness or surprise in finding an answer to your question or any is when you know that answer is completely different than your expectations, the reason why is completely different than what you had thought, that reason may like a surprise and is going to boost your curiosity, boost the innovation in you, and your motive to move further. The answer to the questions does not help you only to learn things but it helps to build your connections. The answer helps you to grow mentally.

Curiosity may lead to trouble

It sounds different that curiosity may lead to trouble but it does. If you start debating with a person may be your friend, family member who is giving you the answer with which you do not agree then it may disturb your connection with that person. If your answer is wrong then you must have the capability to hear that you give the wrong answer.

Doing things due to curiosity is good but you must think that what you are going to do is not making yourself and others in trouble. The way of asking questions, to whom you are questioning, in which way, at what time are some aspects that you must have to look upon.

There is a very thin line to become a genius and stupid after being curious. Here is a video that will demonstrate it easily. A story of a monkey named Curious George having curious nature that often put him in trouble.

Being curious is not that much tough and not that much easy. But it will make your life interesting. You look different in the crowd. But forcing yourself and showing yourself as curious is a very bad way. It will harm you but also put a bad image of yours on people you are or will be going to face in life.

Simply go ahead and ask questions if a thought confuses you who knows, probably you may get something or ask a question, to be called smart and genius. That’s all for now. Be in touch for further interesting facts and articles.



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