Ha Focus! Do you wonder about it too? I think you do wonder about it. Focus, such a cute thing to have. You can lose everything but focus I don’t think one should lose it. Focus is so important that I need to focus to write an article about focus for you guys. We all want to focus on. I think it’s the most precious jewel to have combine it with peace and now you have a recipe for success.

Now, the question here is how one can have focus? My friend you can rob a lot of things but the focus is one of those things which you can’t rob, so I want to apologize to lazy people that you can’t have focus, one can only have focus if he can earn it. Earning is a good thing we all want to earn something some want to earn money, some want to earn true love, and some want to earn other different things.

But one thing which everyone wants to earn is the focus. I think now you are wondering that how can I earn focus? Don’t worry my friend that’s why I’m here, to teach you all about it.

My friend so the first thing you have to do is calm your mind, you can do it by meditating for a while or you can just stop thinking about work and all other things for a while and just feel yourself living in the moment. The next thing you have to do is take control of your emotions, emotions are also a great treasury to have they teach us about love, pain, and etc.

Stay calm

But sometimes they can be a little tricky and make you stray away from your goal. So my friend doesn’t let them abuse your weaknesses and take charge of yourself. At any cost just don’t let your goal fade away from your eyes.

Tell your brain that you are supposed to do this and not that, to even convince your brain more just write down your goal ever every day at least one time. Get hold of yourself and try to find your true self. You must know your goals and try not to overcomplicate things. Experience life block by block and try to do one thing at a time, my friend for a moment think about it and understand it carefully. You don’t have to do everything I’m preaching here those are just basic ingredients for you, you can manipulate them in any way which suits you best.

If you can’t focus on your task because of your bad habits then my friend take notes about those habits and find their weak points and win over them, and find yourself new good habits and hobbies. Build a new mindset if your current mindset is bothering you. Read some books to get a good mindset. If you are not unlucky like me and you come to have someone to motivate you, then appreciate their efforts and say thanks to them for their support.


Don’t think hard of yourself you are a brave human, humans went to the moon, humans did great things, and my friend I believe you can do great things too. So earning focus is not going to be a hard thing to do for my friend. Dive deep in your brain and know yourself, think about your goal and yourself. Everyone is just telling you their own story that they did this and that but dear their story doesn’t matter the only thing that matters is you for yourself, everyone else can go and suck cucumbers forget about them.

But my friend if you are going to do this much hard work then you must reward yourself too. Rewards are awesome things, reward yourself with your different stimuli and see yourself blooming. Love your desires and your job or anything else you are trying to do and you will see focus multiplying itself.

It’s is possible to be happy right now at the very same moment instead of waiting for that perfect moment that moment may never come to you so be happy. Hugs have a very serious positive effect so go and hug someone, have no one to hug get yourself a free hugs shirt and go around with it in these hard times everyone needs some love so you can be the one to give everyone love.

If you want to do it and are not able to do it then don’t just give up keep learning, keep experiencing and trying instead of shutting down, stay calm, there is no loss in loss in doing these things. My friend this is how you can earn focus and stay focused.



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