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During several periods, a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology states that a one-time, single dose of psilocybin rapidly stimulates levels of anxiety, depression, fear of death, and existential distress in cancer patients. If a single dose combined with psychotherapy leads to long-lasting improvement in cancer patients about five years and more.

The compound found by Researchers

A compound named “Psilocybin” found in psychedelic mushrooms was given to patients and found to be a drastic improvement substantial and sustained improvement in anxiety and depression and increased the quality of life.

However, in the follow-up assignment of six months, later it was documented as antianxiety and antidepressant for cancer patients.

Psychedelic Mushrooms

Case Study

In the research, 71% out of 100% of participants have improvements in the level of anxiety and depression from the single dose of psilocybin and psychotherapy combination and they rated it among the more personally meaningful and spiritually crucial experiences of their life.

Although the mechanism of the drug is not understood, the researcher declared that the drug makes the brain more flexible and receptive to new ideas. 

The drug targets the network and the normal functioning of the brain. During the research, the cancer patients suffer from anxiety and depression, the network of the brain becomes hyperactive and rumination, worry, and firm thinking.



The compound Psilocybin acute shifts stimulation activity in the functioning of the brain and possesses a more broadened perspective on their behavior and lives.

As you wanted to grab some more knowledge about to get relief of anxiety and depression then firstly you should study about the problems/issues that can lead a hope towards anxiety and depression and then study about the things that can give relief from the cause.

For more information regarding mental wellness, kindly see recent research about the personality traits that may prevent depression and the result shows that the intake of the drug for a long period can lead to addiction which makes dangerous effects on your health.

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