What is a Distraction and How not to feel Distracted?

In today’s time filled with digital gadgets, it’s very easy to get distracted with all this is stuff. So we all think we get distracted because of these gadgets. Most of us think that life in medieval times must be easy when there were no distractions at all and everyone just did their job.

Let me ask a question now. Do you think this is true? You believe that there were no distractions in those times because of course there were no smartphones at that time and all other stuff. You think that we somehow just developed this new trait of getting distracted when we made smartphones. Do you think it’s that easy to somehow develop a new trait or behavior?

Most of us think that the life of a monk is Idle. Now we even are idolizing monks because of their idle lives, most of us want to be a monk. Because we all think they are happy. But have you ever wondered what do they do, basically nothing to make the future prosperous and adventurous for the future links, they don’t do anything except preaching sometimes? Do you want to be that useless?

Distraction-Interested in something else

Now coming back to the point. You feel you are distracted which means you are interested in something else. If I’m not wrong then that’s why you are here, reading an article about distraction to how not to get distracted. You must be feeling proud of yourself right now. Isn’t it strange that this all suggests that you are focused on something? But you feel that you should be doing something else rather than this. But my friend your mind is clouded with a bunch of things which doesn’t even matter, and now those clouds are deviating you from your motives.

This all is happening because you didn’t get enough guidance or you might be unlucky. But you still think that medieval times were better because of no distractions at that time. My friend why do you think this way? Did someone tell you about this? My friend if this is the case then you have wandered away from the meaning of life. Distraction is just a word we made up to hide our incapability of making the right decisions. Distractions were part of life and will be a part of life in the future too, the only things which have changed are the means of distraction.

Today’s distractions are so-called digital devices available today and the second major distraction is thinking about distraction. If we talk about medieval times then they also had different kinds of distractions like getting wasted everywhere, raping the weak one for fun, killing people for fun, robbing people, and doing horrible things to others for fun. Due to a lack of proper social aesthetics, it was very easy to get away with all these crimes.

Now tell me one thing, Do you want to be part of that time? Now with today’s social aesthetics and properly governed society distractions evolved and become modern distractions and now they also have a severe ill effect. But at last, they are just our incapability of making decisions. So my friend I want you to take a deep breath and think about all the things I said and decide what you really want to do and check your capabilities if you can do it.

Distracted again

Now making the right decision really matters here to not get distracted again. You don’t have to be super fancy with your decision cause after all you are just making a decision to sustain yourself and your loved ones. When you know you can sustain yourself and your loved ones then my friend that is the moment of happiness and joy. Feel it, my friend. My friend if you can make the right decisions for yourself then there exist no distractions at all.

You are a man of focus my friend and you matter to the future, Future is right there waiting near the horizon for you my friend. Just remember that to get a ticket to the sea of joy, all you have to do is keep doing something for others, others can be strangers, others can be the people you love, and others can be imaginary figures. My friend all you need is to make the right decision before performing an action. Be strong out there.

If you have come this far then I’m sure you can go further too, All you need is a little bit of guidance and maybe luck sometimes. You are a strong one my friend distractions are not for you. Be happy and keep doing something.

The views presented here are personal, I didn’t mean to defame someone.


  1. Even distractions sometimes help, but totally depends on the thinking of the individual ( this is my pov regarding so called distractions).

    Amazing write up!!!


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