We all know that due to the border stand-off, both countries are seeking to resolve the issues for the moment. And just before the third round of talk to be held today, between the commanders of INDIAN and Chinese military, the government on Monday “blocked” as many as 59 CHINESE APPS.

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India banned the popular apps like Tik-Tok, UC Browser, WeChat, Shareit and CamScanner. Reason of the actions being “for engaging in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order.

Response to many petitions and requests

Various complaints were in trending on all social media platforms of data stealing of user. So the move against the “malicious Apps”, that was announced by the Information Technology Ministry. Ministry added and said that the data steeled from user was allegedly being surreptitiously transmitted to servers located outside India. The government said this without naming China.

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Though the recommendations were made separately by the Cyber Crime Coordination Center in the home ministry itself. The recommendations were about the Apps to be blocked.

Trust in Indian Brands will Increase

This move will definitely raise the amount of trust as well as interest in the users of Indian mobile and internet. Government stated that this move is definitely in interest of the safety and sovereignty of Indian Cyberspace. Though the decision will be a hit and pinch too, as it will affect millions of dollars of revenue.

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The decision to ban the Apps wasn’t an entire surprise as there had been widespread speculation that there are often regulatory action against Chinese Apps, with several of them accused of transferring user data to servers in China.

Government Always trying Best

Although Modi government has shown its resolve and dexterity to interact China on multiple fronts as many possible and hit China where it hurts the foremost. This is often India’s first salvo to China after the border clashes, showing that India features a diverse range of retaliatory options,” an official source said. The assessment is that this may significantly erode the valuation of several Chinese companies.

Shocking Findings in Data Breach

Sources say the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre found that data was flowing to China albeit a number of the entities who’s Apps are blocked were notionally located within the US or other countries like Singapore. within the case of Tik-Tok and a few of the opposite Apps, investigations revealed that the camera, microphone and full network access were configured in such how that any data use or espionage couldn’t be verified by the Indian authorities.

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A source said that with access to people’s cameras and PCs, these Apps heightened the danger of espionage. As they might access other devices and servers which will be linked to the device. Already there have been concerns about misuse of Tik-Tok for spreading hate or sexual content, including child porn, but what really led to the choice to dam was suspicion on espionage.

Data Security of 130 Crore citizens

The fresh action of banning apps opens an all-new chapter within the growing tensions between India and China over the Ladakh border, which is gradually spilling over into the planet of business, e-commerce and now mobile Apps. IT Ministry said that there are raging concerns on aspects concerning data security and safeguarding the privacy of 130 crore Indians. It’s been noted recently by many curators that such concerns also pose a threat to sovereignty and security of our country.

The government said it has received representations from various citizens regarding the security of their data in device and risk to privacy concerning operation of certain Apps. Also the Computer Emergency Response Team has also received many representations from citizens of India regarding user’s security of knowledge and breach of privacy.

More To Achieve

This has been a decision many Indians have been waiting for a long time. But this is not the only decision we want to hear, many curators believe that India is more powerful in the race of the seat of permanent members of United Nation, which will give strong stand against China in their poor strategies.



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