Announcement of Instagram

Instagram, on Twitter, has announced that it is rolling out the pinned comments feature for every user. Starting from today, all Instagram users will now be able to use the new feature on their respective apps. Instagram, Facebook owned company first started testing out the feature in month of May, but the roll out was very limited back then to Beta users. However it’s now available for all users from today.

How to Pin the Comment in Instagram

Pinning a comment is straight forward process. You just need to swipe left on a comment and you’ll see the new pin icon next to icons for replying, reporting, or deleting a comment, making it a better UI/UX design. Tap on it, and you’re ready to use the feature.

Idea behind the New Update

Pinned comments show up right top for everybody who sees your posts, making it easier for others to read the comment, that you want others to read first. It’s one among many changes Instagram is making to curb harassment on the platform on social influencers.

The corporate has started using AI to ban abusive comments on its platform. Moreover, it has started warning users before they post an offensive content to discuss on the platform. It also recently started allowing users to shadow-ban abusive accounts for their account preview. Pinned comments is joining these tools in making Instagram a healthier and safer digital place to get on online social life.

How to Use New feature

The new feature is rolling bent lines on platform. And it had been available on behalf of me with none Instagram app updates on app store. However, if it’s not available for you, you should confirm that you are on the newest version of the Instagram app.


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