intel xe hpg

Intel unintentionally leaked a slew of information about its forthcoming Xe HPG graphics card, Team Blue’s effort to compete with AMD and Nvidia in the graphics card battle.

A Twitter user @Komachi Ensaka, found a number of reference material on Intel’s website simply by searching for it. You’ll need OEM credentials to access the content, but as PCGamer points out, there’s a lot of information to be gleaned just from the search results themselves.

To begin, the documents tend to indicate that several distinct graphics cards with varying numbers of execution units (EU) will be available, including 512EU, 384EU, and 128EU SKU. For example, a 512EU will have 4,096 cores, making it equivalent to the general performance of an AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT, but it doesn’t mention ray-tracing cores or anything. It would be quite an accomplishment if Intel could implement ray-tracing in their first discrete GPU right out of the gate.

We can see a variety of other specs in the search results, such as various socket types and memory clock speeds, but the most interesting will be the launch of Xe HPG discrete GPUs with Intel laptops as early as this year.

When will Intel’s new GPUs hit the shelves?

Although there hasn’t been an official launch event for the cards yet – the most we’ve seen is a teaser trailer – we do know they’re coming. Since the Intel Evo platform offers the chipmaker a high degree of control over the final product, it’s possible that we’ll see them first on mobile platforms, which would be the perfect situation for the launch of their new GPUs.

According to the documents included in the search results, the GPUs will be used in laptops with Tiger Lake H processors, suggesting that those models could be launched later this year, with dedicated desktop graphics cards to follow after that. In any case, we won’t have to wait long to see Intel’s new hardware look for ourselves.



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