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Hey readers, a lot of times till now man has reached the moon’s surface, and now a robot – to be specific – a transforming robot will be sent to the moon. This “Transformable Lunar Robot” from JAXA (to be launched in 2022) will collect the data “needed for the detailed study of autonomous driving technology and cruising technology to be utilized by the pressurized rover capable of carrying the crew on the moon”. JAXA plans to build such kind of Rover by 2029 in partnership with Toyota.

What is Jaxa?

Well, readers, JAXA stands for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency which is Japan’s National Aerospace and Space Agency. Founded on 1 October 2003, JAXA was formed by merging three independent organizations namely NASDA, ISAS, NAL, and at present Hiroshi Yamakawa is the president of this organization.

Is JAXA sending Transforming Robot to Moon?

According to the JAXA’s press release, the space agency plans to obtain data on the lunar surface using the ‘transforming robot’ and further the data collected will be used to design the crewed pressurized rover. For evaluation of localization algorithm and impact of regolith on driving performance of crewed pressurized rover’ says JAXA.

Talking about the Robot’s manufacturing, “Transformable Lunar Robot” is being jointly developed by JAXA, Tomy Company, Sony, and Doshisha University, and Japan’s ispace will be responsible for making it reach the moon.

Japan to send "Transformable Lunar Robot" to The Moon in 2022
Transformable Lunar Robot, Credit: JAXA

How the Transfroming Robot will work?

As per the press release by JAXA, they further showed some pictures (shown above) of the “Transformable Lunar Robot” which specifies the two forms of a robot. One is the structure before transformation which is round in shape and looks like a ball having a diameter of 80 mm and weighs around 250 gm. While the other structure is after the transformation, allowing the robot to roll easily on the lunar surface.

This tranforming robot is Japan’s contribution to the NASA’s Artemis Project which will take place, around sometime in 2022.


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