Jujutsu Kaisen introduces Curse of Twins with Big Sacrifice!

Incident at Zenin Family Vault

In the recent chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Maki Zenin gets a major power upgrade but also loses something precious in that process. While Maki tries to get cursed tools from the Zenin family vault, she finds her father, Ogi waiting there along with her wounded sister Mai. Even though Maki tries to fight, she gets sliced by Ogi and both sisters are left to die in the room full of cursed spirits. In this dire situation, Mai uses her construction ability to forge a sword while sacrificing herself in the process.

Cursed energy and it’s working in twins

Jujutsu Kaisen introduces Curse of Twins with Big Sacrifice!

Recent incidents in Jujutsu Kaisen, depict how cursed energy is shared between twins and how twins act more like a single entity. This was apparent throughout the series, Mai was born with both the ability to see cursed spirits and use a cursed technique, on the other hand, Maki didn’t have any of those. So with her sister’s sacrifice, Maki got a huge power boost and even gains the ability to see cursed spirits.  

With her newfound powers, Maki was able to defeat all the cursed spirits in the room and even managed to kill her father in a single strike.


As the culling games coming close it will interesting to see how Maki will use her new abilities, as she is not only more powerful but more motivated than ever while carrying out the will of Mai.


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