Masters of the Universe Live-action film by Netflix

While fans are bracing for Netflix’s upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation animated series, the latest revelations by Giant Freakin Robot are surfacing all through the fandom. “Thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, GFR has learned that a live-action Masters of the Universe is in the works at Netflix,” the outlet stated.

The He-Man franchise is a hotspot of cult followers since 1987. Although MoU has been consistent all through these years (at least in capitalizing) yet the history of their live-action adaptation is dark. After the 1987 Dolph Lundgren’s adaptation, it is rumored that Sony’s been working on a reboot film for more than a decade now. However, GFR suggests that Sony’s potential take has failed and they might have sold the project to the streaming giant Netflix.

Netflix’s animated take on the franchise is bagging great hype with Kevin Smith’s promising a mature take on the material and a star-studded voice cast. A live-action adaptation with a strong script, good production, character, and casting choices, and enough money will make into a great feast for all the MoU fans out there. Netflix might be up for the same. Hopefully, this take will do the character justice unlike 87’s Prince Adam, the audience wants a fun-to-watch character but with those same morals.

GFR’s outlet also suggests that Netflix in order to breathe new life into the series has decided to give a character-oriented treatment to He-Man’s character, with a focus on his relationship with Skeletor and Teela.

As for the upcoming series, the trailer felt quite appropriate with everything done correctly from storyline, visuals, and characters. The anime series is set to drop on July 23rd this year. This series will also pave the road to live-action film. If it hits right on the spot, we might be witnessing material accurate live-action any time soon.


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