It is rumored that Microsoft is launching its 2nd cheapest next-generation Xbox Console. It is expected to drop anytime in August. It will be named Xbox Series S. A new-gen Xbox controller in white appeared on a resale website. It was with complete packaging mentioned that name Xbox Series S on side details. The controller was sold at the resale website today.

Twitter user Zak S was able to purchase the controller today, and The Verge confirmed it’s genuine.


Details from controller

The controller was shown with full packaging. Packaging notes mentioned that it will work with both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Yet Microsoft has not officially given any details about this console. Microsoft even not confirmed that there is a white controller launching or launched. These details are from leaks. This leak matches the previous one, which came out last month. It was with D-pad, textured triggers, and new share buttons. It is mentioned in the description of them that controllers will be in stores soon.

Xbox Series S is a code-named Lockhart. Whereas Xbox Series X devkit is code-named “Dante” which also has Lockhart mode for game developers. Microsoft has many planes for these next-gen cheaper Xbox consoles.

  • Xbox Series S robot white controller 2 740x493 1
  • Xbox Series S robot white controller 4 740x493 1
  • Xbox Series S robot white controller 5 740x493 1
  • Xbox Series S robot white controller 6 740x555 1


It is expected that Xbox Series S  will come with 7.5 GB usable ram and 4 teraflops of GPU performance. CPU is expected to same as in Xbox Series X. Whereas the price of Xbox Series S will be cheaper than Xbox Series X  Company can drop the console at anytime in August. It will play big roles in Xbox all Access Subscription plans. It bundles Xbox Console and Xbox Game Pass ultimate. 



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