Minecraft Dungeons to get Crossplay Support and Tons of DLCs

Mojang Studios confirmed that full cross-play support for Minecraft Dungeons will be released in November. Players from all available platforms, be they PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, will be able to participate in cross-platform games and challenges. The cross-play role was revealed at the recently held Minecraft event Minecon Live.
The developers said the feature would be implemented in a free update, but an official launch date remains to be confirmed.

The official Twitter statement asks the players to “Unite. Fight. Survive… Together!” Players with past Minecraft Dungeons packs can also use this option. It will also be available for future downloadable content (DLC) bundles.

The live event also saw the unveiling of a new DLC called Howling Peaks, scheduled to arrive sometime in December. The precise date of the Howling Peaks DLC has not been confirmed. This will be the third new content for the Minecraft spinoff series. This DLC pack will provide a new difficulty level with 20 additional difficulty modes introduced via the Apocalypse Plus system, NME.com reported.

The upcoming DLC for Minecraft Dungeons will be based on a mountain range as players attempt to climb it to beat the mighty Tempest Golem. There will be new items and new tasks that players need to earn along with beating new powerful enemies. Minecraft will also have more DLC bundles next year, according to the company. Developers have shared an early-stage preview clip to remind fans that new content is arriving. The tweet says, “Hostile jungles and ever-winter lands have become just a glimpse of what’s to come!”



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